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LJ's One Stop Doll Shop

Need dolls? Got dolls? Come on in!

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Looking for a certain doll or stock piece? Want to trade or sell some dolly items? Then this is the place for you!

Why One Stop Doll Shop exists: I got tired of looking at sale sections on various doll boards. Sometimes you just want everything in one place. That's what you get here! There are no restrictions on what types of dolls you post about. They can be vintage, modern, fashion, ragdolls, you name it! As long as it's a doll meant for children or adult collectors, then it's fine by me.


1) Every post MUST be something for sale or trade or a want list of items to buy. Posts can contain one, two or all three of these options. But please remember this is the One Stop Doll Shop. There are plenty of communities for posting pictures and dolly news. This is a buy/sell/trade community ONLY. Any posts without sales, trades or want lists will be deleted. Oh, and auctions do count as sales. You may advertise your auctions here, as long as they're dolly-related.

2) Be nice. Don't rudely question someone's pricing. If you think something is overpriced, there's no need to tell the seller. Hopefully, they'll figure it out when no one buys the item and they'll lower the price. Just be polite, okay? :)

3) Please place large pictures behind cuts. A single small picture (and I do mean small!) is fine, but more than that and I'd like them behind a cut.

4) Please wait at least one week between posts of the same items. If you have different items to sell, you can go nuts with posting, but do not post the same item three times in the same week. Those repeat posts will be deleted.

Disclaimer: I am absolutely NOT responsible for any bad transactions. I just created this place so doll collectors can have somewhere to discuss sales without worrying about cluttering doll discussion communities or groups. I highly recommend getting references from any seller you haven't already dealt with. Use good judgment!


If anyone would like to advertise for OSDS, there are plenty of banners available.

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